Last year, the Desert Ridge Community Association increased assessments for the first-time in 16 years. The increase was small, costing only $6 more per month; however, it was necessary to insure our association was financially secure. The budget worked, and even after the effects of COVID–19 our community continues to be well-funded and financially stable.

We are pleased to report that due to the diligent and responsible fiscal management of the DRCA Finance Committee and Board of Directors, there will be no need to increase the master association assessment in 2021. Assessments for 2021 will remain at their current levels.
It is worth noting that the DRCA operating and reserve expenses have continued to rise with each passing year, including in 2021, and that the income of the association has been flat since 2018. It will be some time before income rises significantly, as new State Trust Land parcels have not progressed to public auction for development.

BUDGET SAVINGS of $681,282
The recently approved DRCA Reserve Study estimated 2021 expenditures totaling $1,340,300.However, during the budget planning process, the board proactively requested, obtained, and locked in pricing via competitive bids, resulting in a 2021 savings of $681,282. That’s not only a large sum of money, but also represents about 25% of our annual association income!
The fully funded reserve fund balance will now be at 94%, after all the scheduled 2021 reserve expenditures have been completed. This compares much more favorably than the projected 73.3% had the 2021 reserve expenditures totaled to the original $1,340,300.00.

There are major investments needed in our community, all covered by the new 2021 budget. The primary focus will be to replace and install granite in many areas of our community. Even with the savings negotiated, this will cost about $616,000. We will also be installing new irrigation controllers at a cost of approximately $52,000. A more detailed analysis of the other items is available in our DRCA budget for 2021.

1. Negotiated commitments to crack fill and overlay the arterial, collector and neighborhood streets throughout all of Desert Ridge by the City of Phoenix Streets Department.
2. Launched the improved 8-week landscape maintenance rotations strategic plan for the common areas maintained by the DRCA Master Association.
3. Replaced thirty-nine (39) historic plaques with newly minted plaques throughout the common area washes and walkways maintained by the DRCA.
4. Replace the fabric and replenished the pea gravel in 474 valve boxes that are within the common areas maintained by the DRCA.
5. Purchased and installed locks on the controller cages maintained by the DRCA to prevent theft and vandalism to the common area irrigation controllers backflow devices.
6. Replaced and installed new trail signs and posts in both the Coconino and Yavapai washes.
7. Identified and performed sidewalks repair/replacement to address potential trip hazards throughout the maintained DRCA common areas.
8. Approved and installed braces for several highly visible and mature Saguaros along major arterial and collection streets.
9. Approved Fall 2020 common area plant replacements totaling about 1,375 5-gallon plants this November. This is in addition to the 575 5-gallon plant replacements installed in January of this year.
10. Approved annual tree trimming of 2,913 trees throughout the DRCA common areas during 1st quarter this year.
11. Fabricated and install street name signs at the tunnel walkway entrances to the wash bridges located at Pathfinder Drive, Cashman Drive and Trailblazer Road.
12. Sponsored, purchased and donated to the City of Phoenix to install modular equipment for the new Pinnacle Park Skate Park features.
As you can see, even with COVID–19, the DRCA has been hard at work maintaining and improving our community. We will continue to raise the bar and make Desert Ridge a better place to live, work and recreate every year.
On behalf of the DRCA, we’re thankful for your support and I’ll look forward to seeing you around the community.

Doug Dickson
DRCA Board President, CMCA
Desert Ridge Community Association