Virtual Block Watch

I wanted to take a moment to inform everyone of a new program the Phoenix Police Department started last year using new technologies available to help fight crime and mention the highlights of the 2017–2019 Phoenix Police Department Strategic Plan.

This new program is called Virtual Block Watch and it uses existing technologies in cooperation with residents and businesses in Phoenix to assist officers in solving crimes or identifying suspects. Here is a recap of the program:

Allows businesses and residences to register their existing surveillance equipment with the Phoenix Police Department
• must have equipment already installed
• Phoenix Police does not provide any equipment
• equipment must have capability to store images / video
Interested businesses / residents complete easy 3 step registration process
• can delete or cancel participation at any time
• does not cost any money or fees
• location / names are confidential and not publicly released
• not a live feed to phoenix police department
Once registered, an officer from Phoenix Police will inspect system to verify its data storage capabilities and location of cameras
• residence or business is then provided a virtual block watch sign
• the location of the business or residence will then be pinpointed on a map that is accesible to officers only
• if a criminal investigation is conducted in the area, the participant will be contacted to determine if any snapshot views from the camera are of assistance to the investigation

To register visit: www.Phoenix.Gov/police/virtualblockwatch

In 2017, Chief Jeri Williams introduced the Phoenix Police Departments 2017–2019 Strategic Plan which is a direction that takes a unified approach that she calls the Power of One: One Team, One Voice, One Department and One City. This plan will strengthen the Police Department and its partnership with the communities we serve to solve problems together. The Strategic Plan is outlined below and the complete document can be viewed on the Phoenix Police Department website.

CRIME SUPPRESSION: Keeping the City of Phoenix among the safest major cities in the country is our top priority. The strategies in this plan will help us improve our crime suppression and response capabilities and further develop our crime prevention efforts in partnership with you and all of our community stakeholders.

Community engagement and outreach: It is vitally important that we work together and create partnerships so you feel we are available to you. This plan includes strategies that promote opportunities for community collaboration with mutual responsibility between you and your police department so we can engage in productive activities that support communication, transparency and accountability.

Hiring, training and retention: Effectively staffing the Police Department and making sure your police officers are highly trained is essential to our future. We will continue to select the best candidates that reflect our own Phoenix community, provide them the best training and offer leadership development to ensure your Police Department remains one of the best law enforcement agencies in the country.

EMPLOYEE WELL BEING: Exceptional delivery of law enforcement services is at its best when your officers are healthy. The strategies in this plan will support wellness programs and resources to help us evaluate and implement policies that benefit everyone.

INCREASE LEGITIMACY: By bringing this all together, we increase our legitimacy with you, the community we serve.

If anyone has any questions about Virtual Block Watch, the Strategic Plan, would like to start a traditional Block Watch or anything else I can help you with, please feel free to contact me at or at 602–495–5238. Thank you for your continued support and partnership with the Phoenix Police Department.