No matter what level or handicap a golfer may have we all find ourselves in some type of trouble on the golf course.

By getting out of our own way, we could lower our scores by using our heads. The key to any situation on the golf course is what we think and the preparation we take.


There are 3 priorities we should think of as an example when we find ourselves faced with a course situation.

For example; we tee off, miss the fairway and land in a fairway bunker.

The priorities should be in this sequential order.

#1. Getting Out

#2. Getting On

#3. Getting Close

Key to preparation

#1. (Getting out) tune into the process #2. (Getting on) picking a club that is comfortable and visualizes the ball is on a smooth surface allowing the body to feel confident in making the swing.

#3. (Getting close) choose the right club. We make the mistake by not knowing what club to use to get it close.

Know your equipment, know your weakness, and know your strengths.


Thank you,


Gladys M. Lee LPGA

Head Coach Women’s Golf

Estrella Mountain Community College