It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Contributed by: Amanda Cushman


Two years ago, after a decade away from Phoenix, my husband and I returned to the Valley of the Sun. And although much of the city felt familiar and unchanged, we were seeing our hometown with new eyes…the eyes of brand new parents. After considering a number of different communities, we ended up moving to the Desert Ridge area because we fell in love with its well-designed communities and family-friendly amenities. Children and their parents were everywhere – the park, the grocery store, the mailbox – and it seemed like there were great events planned for almost every weekend.

Having transitioned from a corporate career to working from home, I was eager to meet other parents and avoid the feelings of isolation that come from spending all day with a preverbal human being. Each morning, my 4-month-old daughter and I would head to Cashman Park or take a stroll around the block in hopes of running into other moms and dads. And although we met plenty of friendly people on these outings, most conversations never got past “How old is your little one?” and “How many times does he/she nap each day?”. As the months grew warmer and these outdoor excursions became shorter, I felt the growing need to have a core tribe of families that I could turn to for playdates and moral support.

Enter the Desert Ridge Parents’ Group. I had stumbled upon DRPG as I was searching for things to do with an infant during the summer months. At only $40 for an annual membership, it was cheaper than most parent-child programs in the area so I signed up and attended a new parent mixer. All of the families were wonderful…and lived just a few minutes away from us! By the end of the hour, I had already added a few new numbers to my phone and had made plans to attend a Mom’s Night Out with a few of the other mothers. It didn’t take long before I felt like a fully integrated member of the Desert Ridge community.

Two years later, I now serve on the board for this wonderful organization and am inspired by our mission to connect local Desert Ridge families with one another. In addition to fabulous seasonal events, like the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by College Nannies or the Water Balloon Festival sponsored by the Goddard School, the DRPG organizes regular playgroups, moms’ and dads’ nights out, food tidings for parents of newborns, book clubs, and more. If you are new to the area or have children and just haven’t found your tribe, please consider joining us. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and we want you in ours!

Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG)

The Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG) is a fun-filled organization for parents and children in the North Phoenix area. All families in the Desert Ridge® community are invited to check out our activities and events! Founded in 1997, the not-for-profit Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG) hosts weekly playgroups, monthly kids’ and family activities, seasonal events and parents-only nights for residents in Desert Ridge and surrounding areas. Membership dues are only $40 per year.