Spooner Functional Integrated Training (FIT)

Helps You Get Back in the Gym

Spooner Physical Therapy offers much more than physical therapy. We offer an innovative approach to health, fitness and continued patient care. Functional, integrated training focuses on the need to move three dimensionally, as well as, provide an education that will help clients to improve their overall quality of life. Three-dimensional training is designed to increase mobility, build strength, improve stability, prevent injuries, create power and improve vitality.

Functional Integrated Training (FIT) was designed to assist patients get back into the gym with one-on-one personal training or group fitness sessions with a professional trainer. Alyssa Ashmore is a FIT Coordinator at Spooner Desert Ridge. After working as a technician, Alyssa noticed patients often reached a plateau in their therapy or had to cease rehab due to minimal insurance coverage. With further investigation in the need and her growing interest, Alyssa aided in the introduction of Group Fitness Classes, Kids Fitness Classes, and One on One Training sessions to the program. Alyssa dedicates each session in order to tailor to the needs of her clients and motivates them to leave their exercise comfort zone, in order to achieve optimal results.

Spooner offers a variety of group classes throughout their locations including, boot camp, circuit training and more. FIT services are aimed at all demographics. Principles utilized in FIT can be applied to high school athletes and students, senior citizens, business professionals, children or anyone in between.

The FIT program is now used as an extended source of rehab for clients who are slowly rebuilding their strength and endurance with modified exercises. At Spooner, you do not have to be a former patient to join the FIT program. Spooner FIT also offers memberships for non-clients to take advantage of classes, training or using the gym facility. At Spooner, safety is a key component to success. With qualified trainers leading classes, gym members and clients can have full confidence they are receiving the best training for them. FIT memberships are available for anyone seeking to participate in the program without long term contracts or down payments.

Spooner is focusing on making their programs accessible to everyone wanting to participate, leading them to offer single visits, monthly or annual membership for the program. To offer the best training possible, our FIT trainers prefer to keep classes smaller. This way, they can engage the group during the workout and offer a higher quality session compared to large classes. Alyssa, firmly believes in overcoming functional limitations while helping to promote extended lifelong wellness through movement, exercise and nutrition.

To contact Alyssa at our Spooner Desert Ridge location for more information please call 480-502-5510 or email her at a.ashmore@spoonerpt.com.