Restaurant Review

Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill

21001 N Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85050

Monday-Wednesday: 11 am – 11 pm
Friday-Thursday: 11 am – 12 am          
Saturday: 10 am – 12 am
Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm

Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill in Desert Ridge may appear to be just your average neighborhood pub restaurant, but it’s anything but ordinary!


After a long day, the one thing on your brain at 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. on a Friday is where to wind down for a delicious meal and beverages. So, with a reservation, one would think that it would be easy to drive to the restaurant that you have heard so much about and partake of a delicious meal. Well, it was not that easy since parking was a challenge as you drive around in hopes that someone will soon leave so you can take their space. Some people in our party had to park further out to visit this rumored fantastic restaurant tucked in the corner near Total Wines & More. The hostess greeted us with a warm smile, and an iPad to confirm that we had our reservations at 6:30 p.m. As we sat outside, we had the opportunity to listen to the upbeat music of different genres that everyone can enjoy.

Our wait time was approximately 15 minutes or, so which was not bad for a place that filled up quickly around 6:30 p.m., but we were able to be seated in a timely fashion.

The friendly, upbeat waitress was pleasant and knowledgeable about the plethora of food options on the menu. For starters, we ordered the Bacon Wrapped BBQ Prawns served with Newcastle BBQ sauce, Napa Slaw, and cilantro lime vinaigrette and Creamy Queso Dip made with Cheddar, jack and pepper jack cheese, roasted jalapenos, onion, and served with white corn tortilla chips. The Bacon Wrapped BBQ Prawns with the sweet BBQ was cooked well into the shrimp, and Creamy Queso Dip was a delightful start to the other meals that were going to be ordered that evening.

The mouthwatering entree dishes to try at this restaurant are the Gastropub Burger, IPA Beer Battered Fish & Chips, Brussel Sprouts Quinoa & Roasted Chicken, and the Grilled Atlantic Salmon.

The Gastropub Burger made with grilled sweet onion, maple pepper bacon, white cheddar, arugula, and horseradish was full of juicy flavor, filling, and made with perfection.

The Brussel Sprouts Quinoa & Roasted Chicken was fresh and prepared well and, the IPA Beer Battered Fish & Chips were very crispy and tasty with the lemon caper tartar sauce.

The Grilled Atlantic Salmon made with roasted garlic herb butter, fresh lemon, jasmine cilantro rice, and seasonal vegetables were unexpectantly flavorful for a pub, and it exceeded our expectations.  Each order was prepared to perfection, and each plate was the right size for the price that will not break the bank.

The atmosphere at Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill was fantastic, with plenty of conversation, laughter, and high energy as customers were enjoying exquisite meals at the tables around us and the bar. If you are looking for a place to eat and have a great time, this restaurant at the Desert Ridge Marketplace is the place to be.