PVCC’s Presidents’ Scholarship Awards HS Seniors with FREE Tuition for Graduates with 3.0 or Higher

By Cindy Golisch
Paradise Valley Community College
Coordinator Of Community Relations

As PVCC continues to celebrate its 30-year anniversary in the Northeast Valley, the College wants to share one of its best kept secrets with the community! The PVCC Honors Program provides students with the skills and resources needed to be successful in not only their education but also in their future careers and roles on campus. One of these resources is the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship which provides all Maricopa County High School students who graduate with a 3.0 GPA or higher and test into college level classes with two free years of tuition.

The Honors Program is designed to empower students to achieve whatever their goals may be. The majority of Honors graduates transfer to university to pursue baccalaureate degrees in various subjects, such as political science, education, business management, nursing, biology, accounting and public health. Some of those students remain actively involved in the Honors College at their university and further continue to seek academic challenge in graduate programs. Whether a student wants to be a doctor, a teacher, an accountant, or a pharmacy tech, the Honors Program at Paradise Valley Community College prepares them by providing enriching learning opportunities that teach students to thrive academically and professionally.



Hannah Campbell, a current PVCC honors student and Pinnacle High School graduate, says this about the Honors Program: “Even if you don’t consider yourself an honors student I would definitely recommend joining the honors program at PVCC! Most of our SHAC (Student Honors Advisory Council) meetings are fun events like laser tag or parties and it makes you feel like you are a part of a small community that cares about each and every member. Not only that, but all of the staff members are really cool and want to see you succeed in everything you do and are there to see you through ‘til the end!”

Honors also encourages a sense of community on campus by having a designated honors space, taking new honors students on the Honors Retreat for the eight consecutive years, and offering exciting Honors Explore Classes. These classes include traveling up to Flagstaff to view stars and explore The Lowell Observatory, taking a hike down the Grand Canyon, and travelling up to NAU to do a high-ropes course. Students also have had the opportunity to present their research at the Western Regional Honors Conference in places such as California and Oregon.

Besides providing a community for students, PVCC Honors emphasizes helping students develop their critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills through academically rigorous courses, and challenging co-curricular activities. Students are now able to display their research in the Honors Debate and Showcase and are able to graduate with Honors in a formal ceremony, Honors Applauds. At this event, students are celebrated for their achievements within the Honors Program. Also, many of our Honors students have gone on to win the prestigious All-USA scholarship to pay for two years-worth of classes at any of the big three in-state universities. To keep in contact with students, we have a growing alumni group. We are proud of our students’ achievements for the past 30 years and look forward to celebrating many more.

For more information, please contact the PVCC Honors Center at 602–787–7888.