By Jambi Quilla
Have you ever wondered what kind of presents people give each other around the world?

Gifts and presents around the world differ depending on where you live. The bold bracelet is an example of a present that you don’t usually get. It’s a bracelet made by twin brothers, Chris and Doug Akin, that started out in Namibia, South Africa. There are many more rare presents around the world that can spark your interest and can make a wonderful present for friends and family.

Presents around the world are different. For example, in Ecuador, red bracelets with tiny “hand” beads are important gifts for Ecuadorian babies. On the other hand, Guatemalan children receive chinchines which is an instrument that is a vital part of Christmas. Some traditional gifts would be wonderful as well. Christmas cards and sweaters are still great Christmas presents especially if you want to give it to someone on the other side of the world. However, if you want unique and rare presents, you can purchase incense sticks, candles, and jewelry from a company called Silence in India. They also make beautiful pottery to give your house a bit of uniqueness. Another gift idea is ornaments for your Christmas trees. The Little Market have talented women that can make handmade ornaments like the handmade embroidered white doves from Nepal or the pretty white felt winter wreath. If you have kids, you can get them a hand-knit alpaca-stuffed animals made in Peru. All these excellent presents can make someone smile and can give someone a rare and one of a kind Christmas with the unique gifts you give them.

In conclusion, presents around the world are rare, unique, and different compared to our presents. There are similarities as well. Gift cards, ornaments, and candles are common, but still very appreciated Christmas presents. Presents aren’t just there for any reason. They bring happiness and joy to both the receiver and giver. Christmas presents around the world can be amazing presents especially those who love to travel and seek new, exciting things. Gifts around the world are fantastic, rare presents that will surely be appreciated by your family and friends.