Pioneers with a Vision

The bold pioneers of early Arizona shared a vision of a better Arizona in the future.

Desert Ridge has captured the trailblazing spirit of these pioneers. Its master plan explores new ideas in community development. Concern for preserving the character of the Sonoran Desert is a key element of the plan, as is providing an environment of personal safety and secure property values. It is a place where its residents, merchants and employers can plan their futures. Desert Ridge’s developers are pioneering real estate for the 21st Century, while demonstrating their respect for the past reflective in the neighborhood names of our community.

Homebuilder Subdivision Names


Taylor Morrison
Sanctuary at Desert Ridge

D.R. Horton
Desert Ridge Superblock
7 North (Cielo)

Toll Brothers
Aviano and Villages at Aviano

Pulte Homes
Fireside at Desert Ridge

Statesman Group of Companies
Toscana at Desert Ridge

Homes By Towne
Bella Monte

Marquis at Desert Ridge and 56th North

Continental Homes
Hunters Run at Desert Ridge
Many of the Arizona pioneers were hunters.
Cactus Bloom at Desert Ridge
The flower or blossoms from the desert cactus.

Diamond Key
Diamond Point at Desert Ridge

Richmond American
Sierra Pass at Desert Ridge
Sierra, Spanish word for saw; referring to saw-toothed mountain range.

Elliot Homes
Bear Creek at Desert Ridge
Indicative of the large number of grizzly bears which once roamed the Arizona territory.
Regalia at Desert Ridge
Regalia, distinguishing symbols or emblems of military rank.
Iron Springs at Desert Ridge
In the 1890’s, the Iron Springs Railroad was frequented by Phoenix commuters living in the mountains on weekends and commuting to the Valley during the week.

Morrison Homes
Glen Eagle at Desert Ridge

Shea Homes
Wildflower at Desert Ridge
Wildflower, a flower growing and living in a natural state.
Mesquite Highlands at DesertRidge
Mesquite, low-growing, thorny, shrub-liketree of hardwood. The beans of this tree were ground by Indians for flour, and the thickets of its groves serve as a shelter for animals.

UDC Homes
Mission Greens at Desert Ridge
Mission refers to the Spanish missionaries in Arizona.

Wildfire Golf Course

Subdivision Names

Lockwood Estates at Desert Ridge
Ironwood Greens at Desert Ridge
In honor of Lorna Lockwood, the first woman to serve as Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Leroux Springs at Desert Ridge
1800’s – 1861
A French merchant turned mountain man who served as a guide for the Mormon Battalion, Joaquin Antoine Leroux aka Watkins Leroux was assigned to build roads across Arizona, two of which became I-10 and I-8.

Expedition Point at Desert Ridge
In honor of the Arizona explorers who undertook many journeys.