Badge# 9021 Jeremy Campbell is the Community Action Officer (CAO)
from the Phoenix Police Department that covers Desert Ridge.


I am the newest member of the Black Mountain Precinct Community Action Squad. My name is Officer Jeremy Campbell #9021, and I have been a member of the Phoenix Police Department since 2007. Currently I am assigned to the 21 area of the Black Mountain Precinct, which is everything North of the Loop 101 Freeway. I was born and raised in Phoenix and I am a first-generation Phoenix Police Officer. I started my career in the Cactus Park Precinct as a Patrol Officer and worked numerous squad areas until moving into the Desert Horizon Precinct working numerous squad areas. I bring fourteen years of patrol experience to the position of a Community Action Officer at Black Mountain Precinct. In those fourteen years, I learned to identify a multitude of issues and worked through them to promote a positive outcome.  Continuing and maintaining community partnerships are the key components that allow for a trusting relationship between the police and communities we serve. 

To have a brief understanding a Community Action Officer is part of a community resource team, which utilizes community based problem solving by developing and maintaining relationships with patrol officers, Neighborhood Enforcement squads, investigation bureaus, various City Departments, City Managers Office, City Council and their representatives, as well as various community partners. We try to help resolve or find solutions for community issues, that may not necessarily involve crime. Community Action Officers attend community events, host block watch meetings, and help build relationships between the Phoenix Police Department and the community we serve. Each Community Action Officer serves multiple communities, business districts, and apartment complexes in their areas.

I look forward to my new Community Action Officer position and I am very excited to assist in further developing and continuing the community relationships with the Phoenix Police Department in the Black Mountain Precinct.

Phoenix Police Department, Black Mountain Precinct 33355 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85331 (602) 495-5213 desk