Most Common Areas of Concern


Pet Waste
All pet owners are reminded to immediately clean up after their pets and remove any pet droppings throughout the community. Doggie waste bags and trash containers are available throughout the common area of Desert Ridge to assist you in keeping your community clean and beautiful. If you are to notice someone not picking up after their pet, please contact the management company so we can walk you through the proper steps to help correct the matter.

Dog Leash
For the safety and comfort level of all our residents, please be reminded to leash your dog at all times when taking your dog for a stroll or play through the community parks, trails and common area.  Residents are encouraged to use Pinnacle Park located at the roundabout at Black Mountain Boulevard. Pinnacle Park has three (3) designated dog pens for dogs to run and play off-leash.  Hours are from 5am to 11pm, daily.  Please remember to bring a dog bag to pick-up and help keep the park clean for other dogs as well.

Painting Homes
The Desert Ridge Community Association Standards and Compliance team is performing community inspections throughout all neighborhoods within Desert Ridge and notifying homeowners whose homes need paint maintenance. If you have not painted your home in the last 7–10 years, it is probably due for painting because of our harsh desert temperatures and sun exposure throughout the year.  Provided below is the link to the Desert Ridge Lifestyles website where you can view and obtain the paint color palette for your neighborhood parcel specific to your home in Desert Ridge.  Please use this link to select the paint colors for painting your home:

Please note that all residential exterior improvements to your home require prior approval from the Desert Ridge Community Association Design Review Committee (Master Association) and initial approval from your sub-association architectural review committee (if applicable).

Residential Landscape Maintenance
All landscape areas shall be maintained in good condition, including but not limited to weeds, irrigation, mowing, fertilization, shrub and tree pruning (We ask that trees are maintained to an 8’ minimum clearance over sidewalks and driveways for pedestrians and vehicles). Please assess your lot if you have mature trees that still have tree stakes or ties are no longer providing support since the tree is established.  It is recommended to have the tree stakes/ties removed, if they are no longer needed. More information on these and other rules can be found in the Desert Ridge Community Association Residential Area Design Guidelines. Due to the weather and temperature, weeds are starting to grow rapidly. There are many options available to remove and minimize the growth of weeds and/or unwanted grass in yards. Please help by removing weeds as it is everyone’s goal to keep Desert Ridge looking its best!

City of Phoenix Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program
Through the Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program, the Street Transportation Department will be accelerating pavement maintenance work on many of the city’s major streets during fiscal years 2019 through 2023. The accelerated program will significantly improve the condition of some of the city’s most deteriorated major streets and will be accomplished in conjunction with the pavement preservation program for local and collector streets. Listed below is the link to the webpage for the Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program.

Share input on the streets you want to see included in the pavement maintenance work plans for fiscal years 2021-2023 by using the interactive street maintenance map available through the link provided below or email your comments to Program Contact for Questions and Comments, 602-262-6284.

On street parking of vehicles is prohibited except for forty-eight hours temporary guest/visitor parking in the immediate vicinity of the host’s home. All parking in Desert Ridge must be on paved surfaces such as a driveway or garage. No vehicle, trailer, boat, etc. may be parked behind gates where visible from neighboring properties and/or common area of the community. Vehicles parked on the street overnight will be tagged with a notice by our parking patrol company, Urban Tactical Security. If you are having guests/visitors parking on the street during the forty-eight hours guest parking time frame, please contact Desert Ridge to safe list the vehicle of your guest/visitor and to prevent their vehicle from being tagged during this period. Please send guest parking dates and vehicle information to