By Kimberley-Anne

I remember my son’s arrival like it happened yesterday. It was unexpected, and unplanned as could possibly be. Every book I read, every article I poured over, and every preparation I had mentally made, dissipated from my memory as I went into shock. After a long ordeal, the nurse finally announced that we had a handsome boy, and I awkwardly held him in my arms as he squawked and squirmed. We locked our eyes, and said our sweet “Hello’s”. Ten fingers, ten toes, a mass of dark hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. He was marvelous, and I felt like life was just too perfect. As time went on, though, I found that books didn’t do anything for me. The articles I read were informative, but they lacked the connection that I needed. Sure, facts are great, and so are statistics, but what really makes a difference in parenthood, is connection. As human beings, we thrive on connecting with others, and for me, motherhood was no different. Knowing that I needed friendship, I signed my son up for “Mommy and Me” classes, only to find friendship expanding within the realms of class, but not any further. I repeatedly pushed beyond my comfort zone and forced myself to embark on a journey to friendship, and still struggled. Thankfully, I somehow stumbled upon Desert Ridge Parent’s Group (DRPG), which was an oasis in a barren desert.

DRPG has made a profound impact in my family’s life, and even though my membership status has only just reached a year, I have already found friendship, support, advice, and encouragement from other members. I no longer have to push myself out of my comfort zone because DRPG has become my comfort zone. Whether it be Mom’s night out, Craft night, Book club, or Parent’s night out, there is always a way to connect with others. The best part is that each member comes from a different background with different philosophies and beliefs, but we all have one goal; to raise happy and healthy children. We embrace each other’s differences the same way we accept common philosophies.

While I joined DRPG because I needed the connection, I quickly realized how much my children benefitted, as well. We attended numerous play dates; baby play dates, toddler play dates, kids crafts, outings, and family events. Each time I saw my children grow and learn how to socialize in a positive and nurturing environment. My son who has a reserved nature, blossomed into a social butterfly. And my daughter who doesn’t like to leave my side, willingly and happily evades my presence to play with her friends. Last, but not least (and much to my surprise), my beloved husband jumped on the DRPG train, and joined Dad’s night out.  He has enjoyed his time chatting with friends, and being amongst others who are in the same boat. Like me, I think he has found DRPG to be his comfort zone, too.

Desert Ridge Parent’s group is a remarkable organization, and whatever stage of life you are in, you have friends waiting for you. Check us out! We would love for you to join us!