Did you know that coyotes are not only indigenous to Arizona but can be found throughout North America?

Coyotes are highly social, urbanized, intelligent, adaptable and opportunistic predatory animals that are naturally afraid and fearful of humans.  However, that fear is lost in stages over time by proximity, tolerance and feeding.  Coyotes can run at almost 40 mph, jump over an 8–foot fence/wall and they can breed with domestic dogs.  Coyotes must be made to feel unwelcome when they are displaced from or roam out of their native desert and/or wash habitat surrounding and throughout our community.

Steps you can take to deter and make coyotes unwelcomed is to supervise and leash your pets always when they are outside – never leave them unattended.  Do not feed or leave food sources (e.g., bird feeders, pet food, fallen fruit, trash, etc. out that attracts wildlife.  It is unlawful for a person to feed wildlife intentionally, knowingly or recklessly pursuant to ARS 13-2927 (Unlawful Feeding of Wildlife).  Wildlife violations can be reported anonymously to the Operation Game Hotline at 800.352.0700.

In the event you come in contact with a coyote do not run, make noise by shouting at high/medium volumes, throw rocks, make yourself appear bigger…but most importantly make the coyote feel unwelcomed.  One effective tip is to carry a super soaker spray bottle filled with ammonia.  Ammonia is an effective deterrent against coyotes and they are not likely to return to an area or location where they have been sprayed with ammonia.  Whether you love or hate coyotes — be rude to them!  Be an active participant in making them uncomfortable being around people and within areas of the community where they are not welcomed!


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