With the Holiday Lighting Contest we usually receive several questions in regards to when the lights can be displayed. In the spirit of the holidays and to ensure your holiday lighting/decorations do not become a nuisance to your neighbors and the community, please note holiday lighting/decorations that directly correspond to specific and generally recognized events may be displayed for a period of seven (7) days preceding the specific calendar holiday and must be removed within three (3) days following the holiday.

The only exception to the above pertains to holiday lighting/decorations for holidays in the month of December, which allows holiday lighting/decorations to be displayed immediately preceding the Thanksgiving holiday and must be removed no later than January 7th.

Holiday lighting/decorations can be displayed only on the dwelling of the owner’s lot/unit. Please note that no holiday lighting/decorations shall be installed by a lot/unit owner within or on the common area and/or the common elements. In addition, electricity for holiday lighting/decorations must be provided from the dwelling unit/lot and may not be derived from the common area power source and/or facility.

Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to holiday lighting, please contact our office at 480-551-4553 so we can assist you.