Our May Happy Hour “drop-in” experience

The restaurant review staff at The Desert Ridge Lifestyles magazine makes it a point to review new restaurants in Desert Ridge. Typically the reviews are about the dinner menu since our “review team” consists primarily of volunteers who often cannot get to a restaurant much before either the dinner hour begins or after the Happy Hour has ended. Thanks to their having a 4–7 p.m. Happy Hour available most weekdays, we opted to try something a little different and concentrate on the CB Live Happy Hour experience. This is by no means ignoring CB Live’s dinner menu (their “Bigger Bites”) but we wanted to re-create what happens when Desert Ridge residents take it upon themselves to just drop into CB Live while they are walking through the Desert Ridge Marketplace on a beautiful spring day in May.

Since the joint was rockin’ with classic rock on stage, our gang of nine opted to pass on sitting outside on either the north patio or west patio areas and decided to concentrate on grabbing “Smaller Bites” from their huge, value-laden menu of great selections. We could all definitely feel the happy vibe that gets you into the end of the workday celebration mindset.

Once seated, the friendly wait staff goes over the menu and patiently answers any and all questions. Almost all of their appetizers were $5 each, well presented, filling, and tasty enough for us to order seconds.

First, we tried the loaded nachos. Several different varieties—something for everyone’s taste. We also tried their delicious signature beef and buffalo chicken sliders that our tasters rated as an appetizing starter from their “Happy Hour” menu selections. Enough to share or enjoy yourself. The chicken had enough of a kick to awaken taste buds and summon a drink, hard or soft. Part of the best part of nibbling on sliders were the accompanying warm salty crisps (chips) that accompanied them.

We also had three varieties of wings—barbecue, dry rub, and Thai sweet chili sauce. Everyone thought the barbecue wings were good but nothing extraordinary. The dry rub was fantastic, however, and we rate their tasty Thai sweet chili wings a very close second.

There was also a yummy hummus plate with veggies that we enjoyed in addition to splitting an order of salmon with sweet potato fries, a chicken sandwich, several house salads, and since we all had no room to share a dessert, a soft pretzel with cheddar beer cheese sauce.

If you plan on going to CB Live, with a party greater than five we strongly suggest making sure you have reservations though, as it’s a little difficult to scooch smaller 2–person tables together on a slightly tilted main stage area floor. They have a huge side room available for private parties as well as a quieter side not far from the fun.

(602) 910-5161
21001 N. Tatum Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Sunday | 10 a.m.–12 a.m.
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Tuesday | 11 a.m.–12 a.m.
Wednesday | 11 a.m.–1 a.m.
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