Contributed by: Matt Keel

I am often approached by people looking for the one secret that will bring their entire swing together and result in the golf game they have always dreamed.  The truth is that there is not one secret, technique or trick that creates good golf swings. Creating a good golf swing is more of a building process that I was able to lay out in the shape of a pyramid.  The golf swing pyramid can be broken down to three levels that all build on each other.  Inside each level are the building blocks.  The building blocks are essential to each layer.  As you will be able to see, one thing builds on another and so forth.  If you are missing a building block or executing improperly you will get an undesirable result such as a slice, hook or top etc.  So let’s take a look at the blueprint to build a quality golf swing.

Your setup is the foundation of the pyramid which everything is built upon.  Many swing flaws I see in students can be traced back to a poor setup.  A good setup allows us to swing the club in a way that creates good impact.  The important elements in a good setup are your grip, stance and posture.  Taking the time to create a good setup will enable you to create a foundation for long term improvement.

The second layer of the pyramid is the actual swing.  The swing is where we see the most challenge to make effective, long-term changes.  There is a lot of information out there about certain moves you need to make during your swing in order to hit the ball better.  Nearly every move falls into the categories of swinging the club on a good plane and rotating in the correct sequence. The swing plane is just a fancy word for the angle of our club during our swing.   While rotating in sequence allows your body, arms and club to work together effectively.

The top of the pyramid is your finish.  A good finish is a result of a good swing, however in some instance times, we need to try to create a good finish.  Think of your finish as the end goal you are trying to reach.   A balanced finish assumes two important things.  First, we assuming that you actually finished your swing and second that you swung the club in balance.  Both elements are important to making good swings.

By breaking it all down into setup, swing and finish, it is clearer that the golf swing is not as complicated as it may appear.  My job as an instructor is to see where you are in the building process and guide you to make effective changes to the building blocks.  By taking some time to build your swing rather than searching for the miracle cure, you will be on your way to long-term, lasting improvement which translates to more fun on the course.

This summer, Wildfire Golf Academy will be offering discounted summer instruction specials designed to encourage every skill level to get out and enjoy the game of golf more.  For more information email Matt at or visit the website  Matt Keel is the Lead Golf Instructor at Wildfire Golf Club located at the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge.

Matt Keel is the Lead Golf Instructor at Wildfire Golf Club located at the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge. For any questions or information about golf lessons email Matt at or visit the website