Contributed by Cynthia Boggs
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There are nearly 200 golf courses in the Phoenix metropolitan area, which includes Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe and the far East and West Valley. That is over 3,600 holes to consider to play. It is one of the reasons the golf world adores the Valley Of The Sun, and why the Valley loves golf!

There are so many choices of courses to play. You can choose an older course with large old trees. You can also choose one of our many desert courses that include many more hills and natural hazards.

No matter your desire or style of play, there are two things that all courses have in common; your skin and the intense Arizona sun and heat. So it is important that when you hit the links, that you do so with your skin prepared to handle the natural surroundings of the Valley Of The Sun with chemical free sunblock.

There can be no debate that prolonged exposure of your skin to the to the intense Arizona sun comes with great risks. So it becomes extremely important that you take the proper precautions to protect yourself and your skin. It is also equally important to all of us that we take the proper precautions to protect our environment and surroundings.

When choosing the proper sunscreen for you, you have to look at what they do, the SPF protection level and what are the active ingredients.

You may have noticed many of the common brands of sunscreens are being offered at discounts in retailers across America. Why is that? Because they contain parabens, such as benzophenone-3 and octinoxate. These chemicals have been shown to be extremely detrimental to the coral reefs and their survival. So much so that many retailers, have banned products with these two ingredients. Studies have also shown that Benzophenone is also a human carcinogen.
It is important to you, and to the environment that you choose the best products that do not have these substances. You should also choose a sunscreen that includes natural minerals that are good and healing to your skin. One that aids in slowing the aging effect the sun has on your skin. One that protects your skin from the drying effects the sun has on your skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles as well as certain skin diseases. Natural mineral sunblock does all of this and feels light and creamy on the skin.

Use sunscreens that are chemical free, free of oils, preservatives, or parabens. All this while remaining highly effective as a sunscreen and nourishing your skin at the same time.