The Desert Ridge Community Association (DRCA) Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the 2019 annual election for four (4) open seats on the Board of Directors.  The election results will be announced during the Association’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 18, 2019.  However, there are several steps and events that will take place between now and then:
Here are a few key dates in 2019, to keep in mind:
JANUARY 28     Board Candidate interest and application forms emailed to the members.
FEBRUARY 8     Board Candidate interest and application forms due back to the Desert Ridge Community Association’s office by 5:00 PM.
FEBRUARY 17    Board Candidates Meet and Greet/Q & A at the Farmers Market on High Street at 11:00 AM, weather permitting.
FEBRUARY 27    DRCA Board of Directors meeting Board Candidates Meet and Greet/Q & A at 6:00 PM at Cambria Hotel & Suites.
MARCH 8    DRCA electronic Ballots for the 2019 election are emailed to members.
MARCH 17     Board Candidates 2nd Meet and Greet/Q & A at the Farmers Market on High Street at 11:00 AM, weather permitting.
APRIL 17     Mail-in ballots for election of Board of Directors due from all members to Vote Now HOA or Butler Hansen P.C.
APRIL 18    DRCA Annual Meeting and announcement of election results will be held at the Cambria Hotel & Suites at 6:00 PM.

Board Candidate Qualifications

The qualifications established by the Desert Ridge Community Association’s (“Association”) Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Desert Ridge as recorded and amended (CC&R’s) and the Association’s Nominating Committee per Section 3.8 of the Association’s Bylaws for being nominated to serve on the Board are listed below.  Please review each item closely before submitting your candidate application for consideration.

Comply with the following requirements per the CC&R’s, and must remain in compliance through the Annual Meeting:
•  Must be an owner of record in the Association or an entity owner of record in the Association.  If you are a representative of a confirmed entity owner of record you must provide a signed, notarized letter from the owner of record, appointing you as its’ representative.
•  Must be a member in good standing, with all assessments current (no more than 30 days delinquent) and no outstanding violation(s) of the CC&R’s.
•  Must not have member rights suspended by the Board of Directors for any violations of the Association’s governing documents.
•  Must not be involved in current litigation regarding compliance or dispute with Association’s governing documents.
•  Must commit to attend regularly scheduled board meetings (at least once a month), as well as the additional time that may be required in order to participate at the committee level.

Additional Qualifications Established by the Association’s Nominating Committee:
•  Must attend at least one of the 3 scheduled Board Candidates Meet & Greet meetings.
•  Must attend the Annual Meeting – 6:00 PM, Thursday, April 18, 2019. (Note: Should a majority voted member be unable to attend due to an extenuating circumstance the Nominating Committee may determine if said circumstance warrants consideration).
•  Must attend the Organizational Meeting scheduled within 5 business days following the Annual Meeting.
•  Must attend new Board Member training, scheduled within 5 business days following the Annual Meeting.
•  Attendance at a Board of Directors Meeting, prior to the election, is strongly suggested.  Board meetings are the 4th Wednesday of each month (except April, July and December) at Cambria Hotel & Suites starting at 6pm.
•  Must comply with all governing documents and provide all information on candidate form.

Please contact Terrance Smith, Community General Manager, at the Desert Ridge Community Association office
at 480-551-4550 or by email to for more information. 
Thank you for your valued interest and participation in our community!

Board Candidate FAQ’s

What does the Nominating Committee do?
The Nominating Committee’s primary function is to ensure that the community has qualified candidates nominated from the Desert Ridge community to serve as Members of the Community Master Association Board of Directors.

What does the Nominating Committee have planned for the upcoming board election year?
This issue contains both the board candidate interest announcement and the requirements and qualifications and email address for the application forms.  Several “Meet the Candidate” events have been scheduled so that members of the community can meet prospective Board Members.  There will be a Board Candidates “Meet and Greet” at the Farmers Market on High Street on Sunday, February 17th at 11:00 AM, a “Meet the Candidate” night at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, February 27th at the DRCA Board of Directors Meeting and another Board Candidates “Meet and Greet” at the DRCA Farmers Market on High Street on Sunday, March 17th at 11:00 AM.

How many positions are available this year and how long will my term be?
Out of the seven member seats on the Board of Directors, there are four (4) seats on the Board of Directors that are available for election in 2019.  Directors are elected to serve two year terms. In 2019, these four positions will be elected for a two year term since the two year term for these four seats will expire in April 2018.  Therefore, all four positions will serve two year terms.

What is the process for running for a position on the Board?
Contact the Association office at: 480-551-4550 or email to: or stop by the Association’s office (5415 E. High Street, Suite 133, Phoenix 85054) to obtain the candidate application form.
Return all candidate application forms to the Association office no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, February 8th.
In addition, candidates are required to attend at least one of the three “Meet the Candidate” events.  It is strongly recommended that all board candidates attend the Board Candidates Meet & Greet / Q&A to be held during the DRCA Board of Director Meeting on Wednesday, February 28th at 6:00 PM.  Candidates are also encouraged to attend the DRCA Farmers Market on High Street Board Candidates Meet & Greet / Q&A on Sunday, February 18th at 11:00 AM or Sunday, March 18th at 11:00 AM. Candidates must also attend the Desert Ridge Community Association Annual Membership Meeting & Election on Thursday, April 18th.  Candidate attendance at this meeting is mandatory!

What are the Directors’ responsibilities?
The Desert Ridge Community Association is an Arizona-chartered, 501(c)(4) nonprofit social welfare organization.  Directors are responsible for operating and maintaining the “common area” property of the community, reviewing and approving all site plans and improvements within the community, and providing coordination and oversight of the community subsidiary associations and subdivisions. Luckily, we have a management company that handles most of the day-to-day operations.

What is the time commitment needed while serving on the Board?
The Board typically holds one Open Session and one Executive Session per month, which takes approximately 2–4 hours, combined.  There are presently seven standing committees that each have varying meeting schedules determined by their respective committee charter. Depending on which committee you would like to be involved with, an additional 1-2 hours per week may be required.  Typically, the time commitment averages about 8 hours a month.

When and where is the Board of Directors Meetings?
The meeting schedule is actually determined by the Board of Directors.  Our current meeting schedule is the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. (except for the months of April, July and December), at Desert Ridge Community Association Office, Conference Room, 5415 E. High Street, Suite 133, Phoenix 85054.

Do you incur personal liability by serving on the Board?
Generally, as long as a Director act in good faith with the best interests of the community first, doesn’t break any laws, or have any personal benefit, the Association indemnifies the Directors.  The Association’s Articles of Incorporation provide the most comprehensive explanation of liability.  Please read and understand them fully for yourself.  The Articles of Incorporation can be found on FirstService Connect, the community information website, or the CD.

How does the election actually work?
There is a one vote per lot for each available position on the board.  A qualified Owner will be able to cast one vote for up to 4 candidates.

Do developers and commercial entities get to vote?
Yes, qualified developers and commercial entities are members and get to vote.  The Desert Ridge Board is not a Homeowners Association, it is a Community Association.  One of the great things about Desert Ridge is that it is still a relatively young development, and only about 40% of the total parceled land have homes built on them.  Since the voting is determined per lot, there is still significant involvement by private and commercial developers and the Master Developer.  The Master Developer actually casts votes for all land held by the Arizona State Land Dept.

Tips for people who are running:
Get out there and talk to your neighbors – ask them what their concerns are for the community.  Let them know you’re running.  Candidates may speak with developers as well as the commercial interests.  And thank you for getting involved!