Generation Z






Did you know that every generation has a name?  There are “The Baby Boomers,” “The Millennials,” and “Generation X.”  One of the most significant generations of all is Generation Z. (early 2000’s) That is the generation I belong to.

Many students in Generation Z are afraid to move on; they would rather live with their parents till they are thirty, but others are confident and ready, they want to achieve their dream.  There are many different feelings and thoughts that go through the kid’s heads, some have different opinions, and their thoughts can change throughout their generation and before they move on.
Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Generation Z has a lot of imagination, we think of it, but we don’t always put our mind to it and make it happen.  There are so many amazing ideas out there that could change the world and make it a better place.  Kids are too busy worrying about having a boyfriend or girlfriend that they don’t realize that it is not important. There are bigger things in life than just being “The Cutest Couple.”

High school is a huge part of life. These are the years that help you graduate and get into a college.  It is a big step from going to a school where they are preparing you; then, you jump right into high school where the grades count.  High School is a big step for me, meeting new kids, walking around a school that is larger than my elementary school and middle school put together.  It is very nice to have a loving, older sister that can lead me through the years of high school until the rest of her years are up.  I know I will meet new friends and hopefully keep the friendships.

I have two amazing sisters, one younger sister, and one older sister.  Each of our generations teaches the three of us different things about each other.  Siblings and friends aren’t just here to keep you company—what they don’t know—is that they are on this earth for a reason.

Generation Z gives many more opportunities than the other generations.  For example, today we have iPhone, iPad, iPod, computers, iWatches, and the list keeps on going, but back then, in prior decades, they didn’t have all the technology.  Kids do not appreciate what they have, and that is the problem that generation Z has, no appreciation or respect.  Everyone, even grown-ups, should work on their appreciation and respect towards others, such as compromising, sharing, and just being nice in general.

Finally, Generation Z can teach everyone something new.  Things come your way for a reason, and it all leads to good.  Explorer Middle School prepared me for High School, and I am excited to start a new chapter in my life and will still remember the old ones.  This generation will improve more and more every single day. “The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.” (Socrates, Greek Athenian philosopher)

Darian Chiavaroli is an 8th grader at Explorer Middle School.