DRCA Fees Reduced by $114 Per Year?

As Desert Ridge residents, we have high expectations for our community. We want safe, highly desirable neighborhoods that are well maintained; lifestyle activities that build a spirit of community, and the enforcement of our governing documents to protect and increase our property values.

Our Board focuses on these priorities and accomplishes all of it, with an annual fee of just $372. We want you to understand how these funds are spent, so we’ve prepared a detailed illustration on page 16.

From 1995 – 2004, our Association was under the control of the master developer and Association fees increased five times. Since 2004, our Association has been under homeowner control and fees have never increased since.

The table below illustrates our fees if they had been raised each year for inflation. As you can see, fees would have risen to $486 per year. Fortunately, the DRCA Board and FirstService Residential have worked hard to keep fees fixed, saving each of us $114 per year.


Adjusted for Inflation, DRCA Fees Would Have Risen to $486

Not only have we been successful in keeping the lid on Association fees, we have also dramatically increased the services we provide including: Off-duty Officer Patrol, overnight parking enforcement, Farmer’s Markets, Holiday Lights, Lifestyles Magazine, website and monthly lifestyles events.

Thank you to everyone who serves as a board member in Desert Ridge, the staff of the various management companies within our community and to every member of our Association who has contributed to our success. You are appreciated!

Desert Ridge is a terrific place to live and I hope to see you in the neighborhood!

Doug Dickson
Desert Ridge Community Association