From the President

Looking Back at 2019

Every year, we look back and review the major accomplishments of the previous year. These are big projects that require a great deal of time, attention and detail; and most of them are outside of the scope of our Association’s every day business.  It always surprises me how much we’ve accomplished and the wide variety of obstacles we’ve overcome.  Last year was no exception.

Here are a few of the highlights from 2019.

Community Survey
To better understand our community’s interests and concerns, we created and conducted a community satisfaction survey. Not only did it give us feedback on how our residents felt, but also provided information on areas for potential improvements. This survey led to many changes, including a greater focus on landscaping maintenance.

828 Architectural Submissions
The Design Review Committee evaluated a total of 828 architectural submissions received from homeowners, builders/developers and sub-associations during 2019.  This is a massive undertaking, but important to support our community guidelines and property values.

Remediation in Coconino and Yavapai Washes
Rick Engineering Company was engaged to perform an extensive erosion assessment of the Yavapai and Coconino washes. This assessment included a field reconnaissance of the washes totaling approximately, 8,800 linear feet.  After careful evaluation and several rounds of bidding, Buesing Corp was selected to do the remediation work in both washes at a total cost of $760,750. AAA Landscape was contracted to perform post-remediation clean-up and replacements in both washes at a cost of $50,000.  The actual cost for the entire project came in substantially under budget at $724,500.

Tree Trimming
Working with AAA Landscape, we completed the 2019 Common Area Tree Trimming Project.  A total of 2,208 trees were trimmed and 17 trees removed.  The DRCA Board and our certified arborist oversaw all the work.

Over $33 Million of Trees!
Working with AAA Landscape, we identified the common area trees that needed to be trimmed in 2020.  Based upon the certified arborist recommendations, a total of 3,615 trees will be trimmed valued at $33,252,000.

Vandal Proof Light Covers
Due to expensive and ongoing vandalism to the Coconino and Yavapai wash walkway light bollards, the board directed the Design Review Committee and management team to design and fabricate a new vandal proof light bollard cover.  Many designs were created and evaluated.  After many months of evaluation and testing, a total of 229 bollards were approved at a total cost of $45,000.  Additionally, a vandal proof cover was designed for replacing the ceiling mounted light covers in wash tunnels at a cost of $9,540.

SUV Vehicle Purchase
The DRCA Board of Directors authorized the DRCA management team to obtain pricing for the purchase of an SUV hybrid or gasoline vehicle for use by staff during their regular inspections and other related business activities.  This authorization also included pricing to have the Desert Ridge Community Association logo and trademark design on the vehicle.

New Guidelines for Artificial Turf and Address Markers
The board directed the Design Review Committee to develop a new policy for artificial turf in common areas.  The board also tasked the Design Review Committee and management team to develop and draft guidelines for residential address markers for the board review and consideration.

Annual Audit
The board engaged the services of professionals relative to the distribution of the DRCA Annual Audit, Annual Budget and Reserve Study to the membership.

Each of these projects were major initiatives, requiring the coordination of many entities and individuals.  We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2019 and thank everyone who made this success possible.

The year 2020 looks to be a challenging one, but together we can accomplish amazing things.
On behalf of the DRCA Board, I thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in
the neighborhood!

Doug Dickson, CMCA
Desert Ridge Community Association