From the President

Raising the Bar

As an Association, one of our core values is continual improvement.  Each year, we strive to find new solutions and innovative approaches that will make us better than we’ve been in the past.  Simply said, it is our goal to continually “raise the bar” on our performance, execution and expectations.

Our recent community survey was part of that effort and provided great feedback for our board of directors.  We were pleased that in general our community is very satisfied, but noted that over 20% wanted to see an improvement in landscaping maintenance.  To those with concerns, please know that our board listens and responds to the input from our community.

The results of our survey were immediately shared with AAA Landscape, the contractor in charge of maintenance in our community.  In response, we have developed a Strategic Plan for accomplishing our goals.

Strategic Partner Plan (SPP)
The Strategic Partner Plan (SPP) divides our community into 10 districts and evaluates the challenges present in each Management Zone.  Within each zone a rotation for landscaping maintenance is detailed.  Our focus is to reduce the rotation time and insure that issues are detailed and an action plan is put into place.

To insure that nothing is overlooked, the maintenance plan includes daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly checklists.  It also includes detailed schedules for pruning, pre-emergent, pest control and fertilization.  Quality control will be done with a quarterly punch list and coordinated with meetings held every other week between the DRCA Executive Director, DRCA Residential Community Manager, AAA Landscape Account Manager, Division Manager and Executive Director of Operations.

The process for improving landscape maintenance has already begun; it started on September 30th, 2019 and will continue moving forward.  We will report the results periodically in our monthly board meeting, in our Coffee Club, online at and here in our magazine.  Your feedback is encouraged.

Working together, we are making our community safer, more attractive, and responding to the input of our membership.  Again, thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.

Doug Dickson
Board President
Desert Ridge Community Association