From the Communications Chair
Seize The Day

I’m a mid-western transplant. Back there, the first couple of months of the new year were pretty much depressing. We were coming down off the holiday season high; we realized that New Year’s resolution of losing weight wasn’t going to happen, we were in the throes of tundra like weather, bringing winter winds that chill you to your bones while whipping across your face like sandpaper. Rare was the sight of sunlight, and cold like symptoms became the norm.

Personally, the only event I looked forward to was opening day of Major League Baseball (MLB). It signaled the beginning of spring aka the end of my three-month hibernation and the defrosting of my hands, feet, and nose. Even that high was short lived, because two weeks after opening day was income Tax Day. UGH.

January, February, and March in the valley of the sun are almost like a three-month extension of the holiday season. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. Most mornings we are greeted with bright sunshine that really does brighten one’s day. Then, there are car shows, horse shows, fine art exhibits, and the Waste Management Phoenix Open stop on the PGA Tour. If outdoor activity is your passion, there are hiking trails, biking paths, and golf courses waiting to be conquered, and just about anything imaginable, that will get your heart pounding.  There is so much going on here between January and March that you have to work hard to be bored. 

This year I made a different New Year’s resolution. Mainly because I’ve given up on trying to lose weight but mostly because I like the car shows, horse shows, and I can’t wait for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. But what I like most of all? Is looking up to the sun, feeling the warmth wash over me, cracking a big smile and thinking:
I think my face is getting sunburn.

So this year, let’s all get out and seize the day.  Do whatever makes you happy, and enjoy The Valley of the Sun.  It’s why we are here!

Rob Reichstein
Communications Chair
Desert Ridge Community Association