From the Communications Chair

Sunshine and Warm Temperatures

Whew! It looks like we made it through another winter. With nighttime temperatures dipping down into the 50’s and with daytime temps only getting to the mid 70’s, we also have the onslaught of that growing population of SNOWBIRDS.

You know that sun- and fun-following species of guests, tourists, and other assorted visitors to the valley.  Those people who come here to get away from their winters but leave when the temperature reaches 90 harping about how anyone could live in the intense heat.  All the time defending how subzero temperatures, bone-chilling wind chills, and three feet of snow piled up is no big deal. Right, like that’s not the reason they flock here.

Ok, so the 101 and 51 are still crowded with cars featuring out of state license plates, restaurant waits are longer, golf course tee times booked up, and tourist attractions sold out.  It’s only a couple of weeks, we got through the horrible weather, we can get through the last couple of weeks. It’s just mind over matter.

Think of it this way:

We have something they want.  We have spring training baseball games; you know hope springs eternal for baseball fans in the spring.  Car shows popping up with cars you can actually drive on our streets, hiking trails not paved over, open air concerts (fresh air, what a concept!),  and street fares and farmer’s markets featuring local fare they just can’t get where they come from.

To us, it’s just another day in paradise. To the birds, it’s as exciting as senior prom weekend. So let’s be a little patient, let them take their pictures of our beautiful desert landscape, bask in the sunshine they hold so dear, show them AZ hospitality, and let them spend, spend, spend their hard-earned dollars in our local businesses, and contribute handsomely to our tax coffers. They only have a few weeks left; we have the rest of the year.

Still having trouble getting through snowbird season, just keep in touch with us on the website. We have things posted that only us locals know about.

You can also form a snow bird support group on the website as well.

Stay strong, let’s stay united, and let’s stay connected. Just remember, once the thermometer hits 90 degrees, they will disappear!

Rob Reichstein
Communications Chair
Desert Ridge Community Association