From the Communications Chair


We all have our favorite seasons. Some people love summertime with its seemingly endless sun and carefree days. Some love the snow and cold of the winter. (I have nothing poetic for wintertime. I left Chicago because of it.) Others embrace Springtime seeing the melting of snow and the greening up of dormant grass as the season of hope and change. Still others love Fall with the changes of colors, its cool days, chilly nights, and making plans for the upcoming holidays. Me, I have my own favorite season.

I call it Phoenixtime.
Phoenixtime is truly a unique season. I decided it starts January 2nd and lasts until April 30th. It is best known for all the fun and activities that go on here. In fact, we have so much going on here that you really can’t pigeon hole it by just weather, activities, or views. It has everything.

Take the weather, it goes from cool and crisp to unbelievably fantastic. In fact, it’s so good that hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners alone make their pilgrimage to come here just to shake the cold, icy grip of winter. Activities – huh, you name it. From golf tournaments, to horse and car shows, art shows, hiking, swimming, baseball, concerts, outdoor dining, and just relaxing by a pool. If you can’t find something to do, you can’t fog a mirror.

There is so much happening here we dedicated this magazine to listing all the events.

Looking for scenic views? Oh yeah, we got ‘em. Take your pick of the dramatic mountain and desert views, indigenous plants and wildlife all set against a backdrop of blue skies bathed in sunshine. I love to watch how the sunlight changes the colors of the mountains as it makes its way from the east to the west. I could grab a chair and a cold beverage and watch that all day long. It is truly beautiful everywhere you turn here.

For first time or infrequent visitors, did you know that cactus only grow here in the Sonoran Desert? Use this opportunity to take as many selfies with a cactus as you wish. A word of advice, don’t get too close to them. Also, coyotes don’t run around with an Acme box of explosives trying to catch a roadrunner. I actually have not seen a coyote even chase a roadrunner, but I have seen many roadrunners. They are beautiful birds and are extremely fast, although I have yet to hear one go “Beep Beep”.
So, if you are a vacationer or part-time resident, welcome to Phoenixtime! Please join in our celebration of weather, fun, and scenic views. If you are a fulltime resident, there is no time to wallow in the post-holiday blues. Get moving, get out, and enjoy everything you live here for.

What’s your favorite thing about Phoenixtime?  Send us an email and a pic. We will try to post it on our website and FB page.

Rob Reichstein
Communications Chair
Desert Ridge Community Association