Contributed by Shauna Owens
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Facial oils are becoming a “must have” in skin care regimens around the world and products labeled “oil-free” are a thing of the past. Being a Day Spa owner, Fuchsia Spa, and Esthetician for 9 years, it has been a struggle to educate my clients on the benefit of oils on the skin. Facial oil is YOUR savior for great skin. Gone is the stigma of an oil creating breakouts and irritation of the skin. News flash, oil is often used to combat breakouts! Fight oil with oil is a mantra I have lived by and encouraged clients to embrace over the years. The benefits of a facial oil can range from just curing dryness of the skin, to treating actual skin conditions like, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and even acne.

With improvements in technology, oils are being developed and derived from sources that allow skin to be nourished. Scientist and skincare companies are extracting oils from plants or from single-origin products like avocados, coconuts and argan. Oils are being packed full with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the skin, provide antiseptic properties and give protection to the skin from free radical damage. Being a 4th generation native of Arizona, I have seen first-hand the damage our environment places on our skin. Facial oils will change your life and your skin. After applying oil your skin with feel supple, soft and rejuvenated. Over the years I am sure most of us have seen a slight facelift in our pantries and kitchen cabinets, now we look at coconut and avocado oils to take internally to encourage good health. If these oils are good internally then why not be good topically for your face.

Finding the right oil for you could be tricky. You should establish your skin wants and needs and make some skincare goals for yourself and ask, “What kind of difference do you want to see in your skin.” If you struggle with finding the right oil, see an esthetician or skincare specialist to help direct you in the right direction. It’s our job and passion to find skin care solutions that your skin is going to benefit from. A facial oil that is really going to make a difference in your skin is going to have high quality ingredients. A premium oil will feel luxurious and will be a “must have” in your skin care regimen. Your skin will be healthy, smooth and radiant! I use Eminence Organics Triple C & E oil on every client because it enhances the results of their treatment. Good quality ingredients are an investment in your skin and one worth making, after all you will wear it for rest of your life.