DRCA Off Duty Marked Police Officer Program


The Management Team at the Association office has received many requests from residents for security patrols in the DRCA.  During the October 18, 2011 meeting, the DRCA Board of Directors voted to initiate the DRCA Off-Duty Market Police Officer Program, starting December 2011.

Currently the “after hours” parking patrol (Arizona Parking Solutions/APS) is not a security service.  The main purpose of APS is to track on-street parking throughout the Association at night.  They also call in suspicious activities to the Phoenix Police Department; report street light outages, etc.

The City of Phoenix Off Duty Marked Police Officer Program has security patrols available during various times of the day.  The off duty officers would be in full uniform and drive City of Phoenix Police vehicles and would only patrol the Desert Ridge community.  

The officers have the full capabilities of an on-duty City of Phoenix Police Officer but they are dedicated only to the DRCA.

This service will be for all residential communities in the Association.  Desert Ridge Marketplace, JW Marriott Resort & Spa and other commercial businesses are included on an emergency basis only, at the officer’s discretion.

The scope of the duties requested will fall under the following categories:

• Marked Patrol Vehicle / Officer Presence • Burglary Prevention • Auto Theft Prevention • Criminal Damage / Graffiti Prevention • Suspicious Person and Vehicles The use of these off duty marked patrol officers will in no way reduce the regular on duty services received by the citizens of the DRCA. Residents will still have to call 911 or Crime Stop to have officers dispatched out to their residence.