For the 3rd year each June the DRCA Board of Directors and management team as a token of the community appreciation provides cold summer refreshments and cold treats for the AAA Landscape onsite crew that maintains the master association common areas.  A variety of delicious ice bars, sandwiches, popsicles, Gatorade, and water is provided to the crew at Cashman Park, conveyed with the association’s recognition and gratitude for the exemplary job AAA Landscape does each day and throughout the entire year…irrespective of the season and weather.

The AAA Landscape maintenance team works attentively and diligently year round in very harsh conditions during the summer heat and triple-digit temperatures.  They do an outstanding job of keeping the entire community beautiful, particularly during the severe summer heat and monsoon season.
So please join with us the next time you are strolling and/or driving through the community to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the AAA Landscape Team Members for their continued great partnership, stewardship, and care of the community common area assets.