Did You Know!

Design Review Committee Approval Process

Obtaining Approval
Pursuant to the First Amendment to the Declaration of the Desert Ridge Community Association (Master Association) CC&R’s, Section 5.3 Obligation to Obtain Approval that all excavation, grading, landscaping and/or other work which alters any portion of the Covered Property from its natural state existing on the date the property was sold by the builder/develop must be performed in accordance with the Desert Ridge Residential Design Guidelines?  This means that every building, residence, fence, canopy, exterior wall, sign, lighting, pool, foundation, roadway, driveway, drainageway or other structure or improvement built or erected on any Lot or Parcel must conform with the Design Guidelines.  Any changes, modifications, alterations, remodeling or maintenance that alters the exterior appearance of any improvement (including any change in color scheme) must comply with the Design Guidelines.  All exterior trees, bushes, shrubs, plants, or other landscaping planted or placed upon the Covered Property must be selected from the Approved Plant List set forth in the Design Guidelines.

Before commencing any work covered by Section 5.3, each Owner shall submit to the Design Review Committee such plans and specifications for the proposed work as the Design Review Committee may request in accordance with the provisions of the Design Guidelines.

It is the ongoing goal of the association to enforce the governing documents, and in doing so keeping the community beautiful and property values high.  The Desert Ridge Community Association Board of Directors and Design Review Committee appreciate our resident’s pride in ownership and the community.