Desert Ridge Real Estate
Did you know…Every home owner wants to know what their
home is worth. Makes sense as it is generally the most
valuable asset a homeowner has, next to kids and pets!
While accurate evaluation of a specific home’s value requires
detailed information of the home, overall we have some
interesting data regarding Desert Ridge home statistics.
Data furnished by Asher Cohen
Article by Rob Reichstein

Based on single family homes listed for sale and sold as reported to the MLS between January 1 and November 30th of each year we offer the following:
2016 2017
Homes sold 298 319
Ave selling price $529,277 $549,090
Ave sq. ft. home 2,806 2,860
Ave price per sq. ft. $191 $196
In Desert Ridge, sold home prices on an average increased by almost 3.9%.
To put this in perspective, in an article published by HBI, Home buying institute, on December 11 of 2016 experts predicted Arizona home prices would increase by 3.7% in 2017.
We are right on pace. Arguably slightly ahead.
In 2018, we’ll see new developments adjacent to, but not part of Desert Ridge. How will the new developments affect pricing in Desert Ridge? Look for our article in the Spring edition of Desert Ridge Lifestyles magazine, or contact a Desert Ridge knowledgeable Realtor.