Middle schoolers in the Digital Media class know deadlines

Explorer Middle School offers a class called Digital Media as an elective.  Wondering about Digital Media, well, it is a class where students have a chance to publish their own magazine.  There are many benefits to being in Digital Media, like you can apply for any job that pertains to your interests, like the editorial staff, writing, designing or even photography.  This year, Digital Media had an amazing opportunity to have a group of middle schoolers write articles for the “Desert Ridge Lifestyles” magazine.  The students who had this opportunity were Madison H., who is the editor, Fatmeh M. and Kylee S., are the photographers and designers, and Alex W. and Miya W., are the writers.


Kylee Stokes
Hello, my name is Kylee Stokes.  I am a twelve year old 7th grader that attends Explorer Middle School.  I have played volleyball for four years.  I have recently been to Nationals in Dallas, Texas.  I also love to paint and draw in my spare time.  I am a part of Digital Media at school, and I am excited for you to read our articles.  I am also a highly educated designer and photographer for our school Magazine, Compass.

Miya Whitaker
Hello, my name is Miya Whitaker and I am a 12 year old 7th grader at Explorer Middle school.
I enjoy playing volleyball and creating art.  I am excited to be able to work as a writer for the Desert Ridge Lifestyles Magazine.

Fatmeh Mustafa
Hi, my name is Fatmeh Mustafa and I am a 12 year old 7th grader that attends Explorer Middle School.  I have two brothers and one sister. My favorite things to do are karate, dance, acting, and flexibility.  I’ve been dancing for one year, karate for three years, and have also acted for one year.  When I grow up I have always wanted to be an actor!!!!  Being a part of the Desert Ridge Magazine has put a lot of pressure on me, but knowing my personality, I will always be able to pull through!

Madison Holmes
Hello, my name is Madison Holmes and I am a 12 year old 7th grader that attends Explorer Middle School.  Aside from school, I am a full time performer and perform all around the valley with my mentor, Ryan Sims.  Just recently I performed at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) for a corporate meeting, and I normally perform at Grayhawk Golf Club (Wednesdays) on a regular basis.  I am so excited to be a part of the Desert Ridge magazine!

Alexandra Willett
Hi, my name is Alexandra Willett and I am a 12 year old girl that LOVES to draw and paint and just about do anything that involves art.  But I also like to write.  That’s why I was assigned to write in the magazine for Desert Ridge.  Desert Ridge Lifestyles Magazine was a big plus for me.  I was a little worried about it at first but I made it through the nerves and started writing pen to paper all of my thoughts for the magazine.