Communications Committee
Rob Reichstein (Chair)
Doug Dickson (Vice-Chair)
Deborah LaRosa
Barry Wilson
Richard Brash
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Design Review Committee
Barry Goldfarb (Chair)
Terry Coult (Vice-Chair)
Steve Burns
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Lifestyles Committee
Pat Brash (Chair)
Joan Diercks
Nina Renee
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Community Awareness Committee
Steve Burns (Chair)
Doug Dickson
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Finance Committee
Steve Burns (Chair)
Doug Dickson (Vice-Chair)
Terry Coult
Richard Brash
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Public Affairs Committee
Reginald Younger, Jr. (Chair)
Richard Brash
Barry Wilson
James Davis
Ronald Bookholder
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Strategic Community Plan (SCP) – Parks Sub-Committee
Richard Brash (Chair)
Rob Reichstein (Vice-Chair)
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Nominating Committee
Steve Burns (Chair)
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