Questions often come up about putting bulk trash out for collection. Bulk trash is collected 4 times a year and city ordinance allows up to nine days prior to the scheduled collection week to place bulk trash out for collection. There was just a bulk trash collection in June and there is only 1 more bulk trash collection remaining in the 2018/2019 schedule –
• Beginning the week of September 16, 2019 – you can start putting trash out on September 7, 2019

Placement of bulk trash should be as neat as possible and placed at the side border of the property at the curb, not blocking the sidewalk and not out in the street. The area should be swept or raked clean after collection, if necessary. Please check Phoenix Public Works Bulk Trash website for a list of unacceptable materials.

Trash and recycling containers placed out for weekly trash/recycling collection may not be set out prior to 6:00 p.m. the night before and must be removed by 6:00 a.m. the day after collection.

Trash and recycling containers may not be stored anywhere that is visible from the common area or from neighboring property.

With the increase in the housing market experienced recently, temporary signs, such as those for an Open House, are showing up in abundance on the weekends. These signs should not be placed anywhere on common area property maintained by the Desert Ridge Community Association. This includes the road medians, gravel areas between the sidewalk and the street, areas with plants/shrubs, corner areas around monument signs, and any state-owned property.

No signs may be attached to public light posts or street signs and all signs must comply with the City of Phoenix Sign Ordinance, which was adopted by the Board of Directors. Signs may be placed on public sidewalks as long as they’re not blocking pedestrian traffic.

Signs that are placed in non-compliant areas will be collected and removed and arrangements will need to be made for them to be picked up at the Desert Ridge Community Association office.

We’ve seen a considerable increase in portable basketball goals/hoops in driveways and cul-de-sacs. Did you know that portable basketball goals are prohibited within the Desert Ridge Community Association? If you want to use them; they can be brought out only when in use. Once you’re done playing and they are not in active use, they must be stored out of sight from neighboring properties and the common area.

The installation of permanent basketball backboards are permitted only after submitting and obtaining prior approval of the Design Review Committee. Once approved, the basketball goal/hoop must be installed in-ground on a pole located in the front yard on the interior side of the driveway. Rear and side yard goals are not permitted, and neither are backboards mounted on the dwelling unit.

Overnight and on-street parking by residents, household members, and/or their tenants is prohibited except for 48-hour temporary guest/visitor parking in the immediate vicinity of the host’s home. Mobile homes, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, boats and/or boat trailers, and trucks with a capacity exceeding one ton are not permitted to be parked on the street, in the driveway, or anywhere that is visible from a neighboring property or the common area, except temporarily when they are being loaded or unloaded for use.

There is also no parking allowed on driveway extensions, any non-paved surface, or behind gates where prohibited vehicles are visible from neighboring properties or from the common area. No vehicle parked in the driveway should block the sidewalk or extend into the street.

Desert Ridge Community Association utilizes a third-party patrol service that monitors the streets overnight and provides notifications to those vehicles that are parked where prohibited. Please help keep Desert Ridge neighborhoods safe and enjoyable for everyone and keep vehicles parked in your garage or on your driveway at all times.