Growing up in places other than the valley, Fall marks the end of summer. Winterizing the house, putting the patio furniture away, and pulling out clothes that keep us warm are all rituals of the season. For those of us who now call Arizona home, we know the opposite to be true. The Fall brings cooler (not cold) temps that have us racing out of the house, exploring all the activities off-limits due to our sweltering summer heat.

I think most of us who are transplants, still love the places we once called home, but can agree there is no better place to live than right here in beautiful Arizona. After deciding to relocate from Chicago over 16 years ago, I distinctly remember my real estate agent suggesting I look at homes with one bedroom larger than I had asked to see. She said, “You’ll need an extra bedroom, for the guests who will visit Jan.-April. Her explanation is one that still resonates today. So true, as I don’t think a year has passed, since moving here, when we didn’t have a visitor from a cold weather city visiting.

Over the years, I have known several friends who have completed the sport enthusiast, single-day trifecta of snow skiing, water skiing and golf. Not many places in the world can you do that!!! Those of us with less-lofty aspirations tend to focus our outdoor activities on after school and weekend sports for the kiddos, hiking, biking and finally simply spending time outside!!!

Every week, there are literally hundreds of things to do in Arizona. In this edition of the, “Desert Ridge Lifestyles Magazine,” we’ve highlighted a few familiar activities for you and your family and suggested a few new places to visit this Fall. With the ever-growing events lineup planned by your very own, “Desert Ridge Lifestyles Committee,” look to this magazine, monthly e-blasts and the website for all the latest information.

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Brad Slager
Communications Committee Chair
Desert Ridge Community