27 years ago the Celebration of Fine Art opened in the heart of Scottsdale. The visionary founder behind the show believed art was a great connector of people and he wanted to create a place for that connection to happen. Without a doubt, art has done that for centuries -brought people together, giving them a way to express how they see the world. Artists express it through their work and viewers connect with the pieces that speak to their soul. Artists capture and record moments in time through their various ways of interpretation for us, the viewers, to be inspired.

The Celebration of Fine Art is a place where art comes to life right before the viewers’ eyes. A lump of clay, under the coaxing of the artists vision and hands, turns into a magnificent sculpture. A palette of paint and a brush under the artist’s deft strokes and finesse, turn a blank canvas into a visual masterpiece that makes the mind dance. Photographs, steel, stone, glass, gemstones, wood, and countless other mediums are transformed into compelling works of art that make us celebrate life. There is no place else to experience the depth of connection art creates with us and with one another than at the Celebration of Fine Art.

Each year, 100 artists migrate from across the country to the beautiful backdrop of Scottsdale to share and showcase their works of art. More importantly, however, they come to be inspired by you, the viewer – the collector. In return, we get to fill our souls with joy and energy their work create. When we do find that one piece we connect with, we never forget the feeling of that moment we knew we had to have it. That coveted piece then becomes a story – a story about what drew us to it and how we connected with the artist who brought it to life. Those memories make the art all that more valuable.
Every single day during the 10 week-long event visitors have the opportunity to discover what inspires the artist and even learn a few insights into how the work is done as they watch the creative process in action. With styles ranging from abstract to western and mediums including oil, acrylic, water color, encaustic, wood, metal, stone and ceramic; and types of art from paintings, sculpture, jewelry, furniture and more there is something for everyone under this big white tent. For more in depth conversations, join the Art Discovery Series each Friday from 4 – 5 pm for panel style discussions on various topics. See www.celebrateart.com for a complete listing of topics.
Art is, indeed, a great connector of people, of place and of emotions. There is no better place to experience it then under the big white tents at Hayden Rd and Loop 101.

The Celebration of Fine Art takes place in north Scottsdale on the SW corner of Hayden Rd and the Loop 101 under the signature “big white tents” and features 40,000-square-feet of working artist studios and works of art. The juried, invitational show has come to be recognized not only for its exceptional art, but also its welcoming experience and interactive atmosphere. The show is open to guests of all ages. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and military, and children under 12 are admitted for free. Tickets are all-event passes, good for the entire 10-week show during which attendees will have the opportunity to see art transform and meet the artists.

Twenty seven years ago the Celebration of Fine Art transformed the way people experience art when it debuted in downtown Scottsdale. Make 2017 the year you let it transform your art experience.

The 27th annual interactive art show will open with 100 fine-art artists and working studios on January 14, 2017