Importance of the Program
A good definition of a weed is a valueless, undesirable or troublesome plant growing wild, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted to the exclusion or injury of the existing desirable plants. Weeds are one of the most difficult Pests that we have to deal with here in the Valley. Weed seeds can be brought into your yard in many different ways and can live for a long time. Some weed seeds have been known to live up to 50 years! Establishing a weed control program in order to properly eradicate weeds is vital to the proper man-agement of all landscape areas.

Weed Control Solutions
Controlling your weeds will depend on what type of weed you are dealing with. If you have a few weeds in a small area hand removal is the most desirable method of control as it will allow you to remove the root. Shovels and hoes are available for this type of control, but make sure you get the whole root out.

Herbicides are the most economical and efficient tools that can be used in large areas to control weeds. If herbicide appli-cations are necessary, it is important to first properly identify the weed so that you can apply the correct herbicide that will ensure successful control and eradication.

Pre-emergent Herbicides
Pre-emergents are an important part of weed control and work well in preventing weed seeds from germinating in the soil, but will not kill existing weeds. They are most effective when applied during the rainy season, as they need to be watered into the soil to be effective. During the summer monsoon season or winter months from November through January are prime times to apply pre-emergent in the Valley. If there has been no rainfall within 2 weeks of the chemical being applied, you will need to manually water the chemical into the soil. The Best Practices program would be to adopt a weed control program where a pre-emergent is applied consistently two times per year. Consistent and timely applica-tions can greatly reduce the number of weeds that germinate.

Post-emergent Herbicides
As with every process, “follow-up” is essen-tial. Post-emergent herbicides are im-portant in the weed control process as they are the “follow-up” part of the process that compliments the pre-emergent applica-tions. These herbicides kill the weeds that have germinated and are visible in the landscape areas. Applications should oc-cur as soon as these pests pop above ground and should be continued to be treated until eradication has been accomplished.

Warning: Always read the label before applying any chemical and be sure to follow the specific mixing and application instructions provided by the manufacturer.