Did You Know?

The Design Review Guidelines & Process

Did you know that all homeowners must obtain Design Review Committee (DRC) approval for all work, construction, or changes to the exterior of their homes and lots BEFORE any work is started in accordance with the Desert Ridge Community Association (Master Association) Residential Design Guidelines? Yes, any work, changes, modifications, renovations, remodeling, or maintenance that alters the exterior appearance (including painting your home or any change in color scheme) must be submitted for review and prior approval consideration of the Design Review Committee (DRC).

What is required when submitting to the DRC:
1 Complete and return the Request for Architectural Approval form (available on the desertridgelifestyles.com website under “Forms & Docs”) – include a complete description of the request.
2 Drawings/Plans – landscaping, hardscaping, pool installation, buildings, etc. should include complete drawings that show the entire lot and placement of the new installation in relation to existing structures. Pool installations should also include the Pool Guidelines Checklist, which is available on the desertridgelifestyles.com website under “Forms & Docs”.
3 Specifications – paint colors/numbers, both botanical and common names of plants/trees, applicable dimensions, elevations, details, etc. Include samples where appropriate. Approved paint color schemes can only be either the original home colors or the color schemes designated  for each parcel on the desertridgelifestyles.com website.

The DRC generally meets every two (2) weeks on Tuesday evening. The deadline for submitting applications is the Thursday prior to each meeting before noon. Once the DRC decides on the application, homeowners are notified by mail and/or email within 2-3  business days.

Below are some of the FAQ’s:
➧ What if you want to just re-paint your home its original colors? If you don’t have a record of your original colors, call the office, and we may be able to look them up for you. But even original colors still need approval from the Design Review Committee.
➧ What if you want to mix and match colors from different palette/schemes? Paint schemes have been approved as they are listed online and can’t be mixed and matched. The same is true if you want to choose colors that are similar, but a little lighter or darker, than the ones shown.
➧ What if you’re choosing an approved color scheme – do you still have to submit an architectural request for approval. Yes, any work done on the exterior of your home requires prior approval.
➧ What if you want to use only one or two of the colors in the scheme? Each parcel or sub-association has its own unique look and design elements. The paint schemes were chosen to maintain the integrity of the community in keeping with the original look and design. The various schemes are labeled as to which parts of the home they apply, and it’s important to follow those guidelines that have been approved.

For any additional questions concerning the design review guidelines and/or process, you can call Pam Lyons, Communications Administrator, at 480.551.4553.