Paint Maintenance

With monsoon season behind us, right now is a great time to paint your home. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their homes in good condition at all times, fresh paint provides a great look and protection for years to come. If you have not painted your home in the last 7–10 years, it is probably due for painting due to our harsh desert temperatures and sun exposure throughout the year.

Provided below is the link to the Desert Ridge Lifestyles website where you can view and obtain the paint color palette for your neighborhood parcel specific to your home in Desert Ridge.  Please use this link to select the paint colors for painting your home. All exterior improvements require approval from the Design Review Committee and I have included a link to the required form below:

Available Paint Schemes:
Design Review Request

Landscape Maintenance

With all the activities and fun to be had this time of year, it can be easy to forget that there are common landscape maintenance issues that may need to be addressed. This time of year we observe trees that begin to hang too low over sidewalks and landscaping growing on or over common area walls which may cause damage to the wall. Landscaping is not permitted to grow on or over the residential lot walls or fencing abutting the common area.  Please have your landscape contractor or arborist to assess the tree(s) in your lot once a year to ensure they are trimmed to prevent potential loss or damage as was recently sustained throughout the community during the 2018 Monsoon Season.