The park currently under development in the city’s northeast Reach 11 area requires a name. In an effort to generate enthusiasm and support of local residents and businesses, the Parks and Recreation Department enlisted the community’s active involvement.

In the first phase of the naming process, staff created a focus group comprised of members within Desert Ridge, the community in which the park resides. The available members of the focus group met on February 14, 2018 and came up with ix potential park names, which were then narrowed to the following three:

  1. Desert Ridge Park
  2. Palo Brea Park
  3. Pinnacle Park

Public voting commenced on March 1 as part of the second phase of the park naming process. Staff created an online survey, positioning it on the Department’s public website, and also held outreach and voting events on the listed dates at the following locations:

March 2 – Cashman Park’s Movie in the Park

March 11 – Desert Ridge Marketplace, 108th Army Rock Band open-air concert

March 18 – High Street Farmer’s Market

March 19 – Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC)

March 22 – Fireside Elementary School


Public voting officially concluded on March 31. The voting results are as follows:

Desert Ridge Park 447 31%
Palo Brea Park 236 17%
Pinnacle Park 750 52%
TOTAL 1,433 100%



Naming of new park at Reach 11.docx