Residential Address Markers Guidelines

Note….Design Review Committee approval is required prior to replacing or installing a new address marker to the home or curb.  To ensure the intended and/or desired standards of a sub–association neighborhood address markers are maintained, the Design Review Committee shall reserve the right to deny a request to replace an address marker that is not congruent with the address marker originally installed by the sub–association parcel developer/builder.

  1. If replacing existing address marker installed by the builder/developer, only one (1) address marker is allowed/permitted on the house.
    2. The address number painted or stenciled to the curb on the interior side of the home adjacent to the entrance of the house is permitted but not encouraged. No symbols, pictures, teams, emblems, etc. are permitted.  Resident must maintain this painted marker appearance.
    3. Landscape/ground-mounted address markers are not permitted.
    4. Numbers to be sized between 2.5” and 4” and a block style number.
    5. Replacement address markers must be professionally painted/stenciled on or integrated into a background plaque.
    6. Stud/Stand off mounted letters may be used and attached to exterior wall. The mounted letters are to be made of metal. The finished coating is to be appropriate for exterior exposures. The letters are to be mounted so that the studs hold them off the finished wall ¼ inch to ½ inch.
    7. The plaque color must be complimentary to the house color scheme. One acceptable option is the address marker may be the house trim color or desert colors.
    8. Numbers can be applied in either a vertical or horizontal placement,
    provided they are consistent with the surrounding residences orientation.
    9. The mounting height of a horizontal address marker is to be mounted between 4.5 to 6.5 feet above floor level or congruent with original builder installed location.
    10. Address markers and numbers are to compliment the home.
    11. The address marker must contain and display only the address numbers.  No symbols, pictures, teams, emblems, etc. are permitted.
    12. The overall address plaque/numbers shall not exceed 20” in length, and 6” in height.