The Ease of Paperless E-Voting

As this year’s Nominating Committee Chair and on behalf of the other members of the committee,  Dan Oseran, and Robert Singer, we encourage you to continue to participate and cast your ballot online electronically.

To facilitate the ease of E-Voting this year, a post card invite was mailed to all homeowners/members.  We provided on the post card each member registration “Code” and also included a QR Code on the post card that will route you directly to the Desert Ridge Community Association (DRCA) voting site to view the official notice of election agenda, ballot, minutes and candidate profiles.  To use the QR Code, simply take a picture of the imprinted QR Code and then activate the link to the voting website.

There are thee (3) positions that need to be filled on the board this year, each for a two (2) year term.

This year the Association will also be emailing you an invite and periodic reminders to Vote ONLINE.  Once you have received your registration code, click the link to the voting site provided in the email.  Please also make sure to check your junk/spam file folder in the event your email invite to Vote ONLINE ends up in the wrong folder due to any email filters you may have set.
If you do not receive an email invite, then it is because the association does not have an email address on file for you.  In that case, to “Vote Online”, please visit the website and click on the “DRCA Online Voting” link located on the home page and follow the easy instructions.

If you need assistance obtaining your registration code or have questions. Contact the DRCA Office via email at or by phone at 480.551.4553.
We hope that you find our 3rd year of online voting to be a simple, fast, and paperless way to cast your vote for the DRCA Board of Directors.

Should you need a paper ballot, one may be obtained at the DRCA office located at 5415 E. High Street, Suite 133, Phoenix, 85054 Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, or you may vote in person at the annual meeting at the Desert Ridge Cambria Hotels & Suites on April 16th at 6pm.
Please remember that you have until Wednesday, April 15th to cast your E-Vote.
Thank you for your participation…and remember TO VOTE!   Every vote counts!