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Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG)

The Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG) is a fun-filled organization for parents and children in the North phoenix area. All families in the Desert Ridge® community are invited to check out our activities and events! Founded in 1997, the not-for-profit Desert Ridge® Parents’ Group (DRPG) hosts weekly playgroups, monthly kids’ and family activities, seasonal events and parents-only nights for residents in Desert Ridge and surrounding areas. Membership dues are only $40 per year.

If You Haven’t Heard of Desert Ridge Parents’ Group Yet, Let Me Tell You About It

Jennifer Schmidt


I joined DRPG seven years ago when my family and I moved to this wonderful community and my son was one. I was working part-time and we didn’t know anyone in the area; meanwhile parenting was still so new and challenging. My family joined DRPG and suddenly we had access to playgroups at local parks, moms’ and dads’ nights out, and seasonal family events on the weekend. I met and bonded with parents in the neighborhood who were going through the same things we were going through, and to this day we continue to share advice based on our experiences.

I encourage you to join DRPG if you have young children or are new to the area. All of our members live in Desert Ridge and we are a combination of parents that work at the office or at home, or stay at home full or part-time. It’s a great way to get inside information about the things that are important to you, as well as pass along information you have that is useful. The more people you know and interact with in our neighborhood, the safer and stronger our children and community will be.

We are a non-profit group solely here for giving parents in our area a forum to meet. Our annual family membership is $40. Please visit our link if you would like to join!